Monday, July 4, 2011

Eurotrip 2011 - Day 13 (6/29/2011) - To München

For breakfast we had some of the remainder of the food we bought the day before.  I left the cheese in the hostel, though, as I didn't think that it would carry well in my bag.  I did take the remaining half of the dürüm from the night before, though. After checking out we took the S-Bahn from Neustadt to Dresden Hbf. There we caught the 11:01 regional express to Nürnberg (in first class, though it wasn't much of a difference). The ride lasted a little over 4 hours, and the first half of it was through some fairly winding track.  It also allowed for some nice countryside scenery.   I spent the time catching up on my travelogue, finishing up the dürüm, listening to some tunes, and catching a few winks.

In Nürnberg we had 9 minutes to transfer to our ICE to München (Munich).  We were among the last to board but we were able to snag a couple of first class seats. A few minutes into the trip an announcement was made and the train soon stopped.  After we sat at a station for a while another announcement was made.   A woman sitting across the table from us could see the puzzled looks on our faces and explained to us that there had been an accident further down the line near Ingolstadt, so the train would reverse back to Nürnberg and reroute to München via Augsburg.  Impressively, to me at least, the train was headed in the opposite direction within about 15 minutes.  Unfortunately, 90 minutes was added to our travel time, which was normally about 75 minutes.

We arrived in München a little after 6, and it didn't take us long to find our hostel (Jaeger's), which is only a 5 minute walk from the central station.  After checking in and stowing our gear I contacted Nathan, a buddy from work, to finalize our meet-up plans (that sim card came in handy after all - I was able to warn him of our late train while still on it).  Galen and I then walked over to the Hofbräuhaus, a popular beer hall, to meet up with him, his mother, and his aunt for dinner and beers (though I had the "lemonade", which was more like 7-up). We were late, though, as Galen had to make an H&M detour.  At the HBH, I had the pork steak with au-gratin potatoes, and it was pretty good - the caramelized onions were a nice touch.  I also may or may not have let Galen use my backpack to steal one of their giant beer mugs.  After dinner we said goodbye to Nathan and company, and headed down the street.  I decided to get a gelato cone while Galen started a beer at an Augustiner bar.  I later joined him in the bar, where he finished his drink off before we walked back to the hostel.  Back at the hostel, I tried to upload some photos from my camera, but the stupid computers were not set up to allow that - they had some kiosk software running on Ubuntu that neither I nor Galen could work around.  I was later able to use our kind roommate Steve's laptop to upload the pics, though. We didn't go out anymore the rest of the night.

Some pictures from the whole trip:

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