Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nigeria 2012 - Day 4 (1/24)

I got a bit of a late start, waking up at 9.  After getting ready I met up with my parents and we headed out around 10.  We first went to the Nigerian Museum of National Unity - Enugu.  They did not allow bags inside so only Pa and I went in while Ma sat outside with her handbag and my backpack.  I initially had my doubts about the small museum, especially since their electrical power was out, but it ended up being interesting and worthwhile (especially for 150 naira, or about $1).  The museum was one of 4 national unity museums set up after the civil war.  It had 4 sections dedicated to spiritual, agricultural, and daily life aspects of Nigerian history.  Items of interest included cult worship dolls, masquerades, and a series of exhibits showing how palm trees are used without anything going to waste.  There was also a section which showed the history of the city of Enugu as the result of a coal mining operation.

We were done with the museum in about an hour, and then we went for a drive around Enugu, including a drive by my mom's high school, Queen's College.  We were back to the hotel around noon, where we ordered a couple of plates of jollof rice for lunch.  Around 1:45 Pa and I headed back out to the house.  There, we met with a worker that had done all the metal work on the house and arranged a couple of modifications to the railings in the back to allow entrance to the backyard from both back wings.  We also discussed funeral arrangements some more with Vin and Julie.

After that we headed back to the hotel around 4, where I did some reading and took an unintentional nap.  Ma woke me up a little after 7 for dinner, yam and stew with plantains, which was the best meal yet on the trip.  By 8:15 I could tell that my parents were getting tired, so I bid them goodnight and headed back to my room to read for a while.
Some pictures from the trip:

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