Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eurotrip 2012 - Day 8 (6/22) - Hello, Steffi

Our room in the hostel was equipped with a mini kitchen and cooking/eating utensils. So we used the provider bowls, spoons, and glasses to have a breakfast of cereal and juice. We were feeling a bit lazy this morning, so we didn't get going until 11:45. We first walked to the Rock Church, which was free to enter. We then headed over to Senate Square and the Helsinki Cathedral. The cathedral was not terribly impressive, especially after seeing the Russian ones, but it was free to enter as well, so I have no complaints. After that we wandered back to the hostel around, arriving around 1:45, to wait for Steffi.

We met up with Steffi around 2:15 in the hostel lounge. After introducing Steffi and Joe, the three of us then went wandering around looking for food. We settled on an Asian buffet. We ate there until they kicked us out when they closed at 3:30, then went wandering some more. We went by the parliament building, then decided to go to Suomenlinna, an old sea fortress on a group of islands just southeast of Helsinki. We walked through Senate Square, with a stop for Steffi to buy us all ice cream, and then on to Market Square, where we took the ferry to Suomenlinna. We wandered around the islands for a couple of hours and then took the ferry back to the city. From Market Square we walked back to the hostel, arriving around 7:30.

We all met up again at 9 and walked to the nearby Elmo Bar to watch the Germany vs. Czech Republic game. Steffi "forced" Joe and I to wear some Germany t-shirts that she had brought us. The bar had a €3 cover charge, which was a bit ridiculous, but we paid it anyway. We got a table in the corner and ordered dinner (I had a burger) before the game started. The bar was pretty empty until about midway through the first half of the game, but then started to fill in a bit - though pretty much everyone was able to sit. We watched Germany administer a beatdown to the Czechs, then returned to the hostel to turn in for the night.

Observation of the day: Sunrise in Helsinki on this day was officially at 3:55 AM and sunset was at 10:51 PM, yielding 18 hours and 56 minutes of daylight.


  1. I read 9 before 8. Nothing makes sense anymore.

    1. Sorry, dude. I can't fix it right now, but I added a note and will do so when I return.


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