Sunday, August 6, 2023

Eurotrip 2023 - Day 4 - 7/25/2023 - To Milan

Our last night and morning at Alta Moda weren't entirely seamless. There was some sort of water leak above our bathroom, which caused a loud drip that started around 11p. Thankfully it trailed off around midnight, and closing the bathroom door muted much of the sound. By the morning there was a prominent water stain around the light fixture in the bathroom. We informed the hotel staff, so hopefully that got taken care of.

The other water-related issue was that the hotel was shutting down the water from 9a to 4p due to ongoing construction work just outside. This didn't affect us too badly since we were leaving for the airport around 10:15a, but it would have been nice to take care of some final "business" before departing.

We skipped breakfast at the hotel and walked over to catch the 100E express bus back to the airport. It began to rain lightly while we were on the bus; thankfully we missed the rain except for the brief walk out to (and wait to board) the plane. Our flight to Milan (Bergamo) was delayed 40-ish minutes from the scheduled 12:40p departure due to bad weather, but we didn't find this out until we had boarded the plane. This pushed our arrival back until almost 3p.

We had purchased shuttle bus tickets in advance to take us from Bergamo Airport to the Milan city center. The bus stop was next to the Centrale metro station, so we took the M3 to the Duomo station and found our way to our accommodations. We had booked 4 nights at the numa Camperio Rooms & Apartments. The apartment we booked was quite nice and spacious (especially compared to the room in Budapest; think something akin to a large studio apartment in Brooklyn), and also pretty centrally located. The check-in process is all digital, and you get a code that you use to enter the building, as well as your apartment. I would definitely recommend this place, if you're OK with spending a little bit of money.

Duomo di Milano

We rested in the room for a bit and tried to find somewhere to have dinner. Fran settled on a place called Propaganda Alimentare Agriturismo Urbano, as it had the farm-to-table vibe she was looking for, and we made a 7:45p reservation. The map revealed that it would take about 65 minutes to walk there (it's a bit out of the way), which was barely enough time to make it there. Fran insisted on walking, while I preferred the 25 minute subway route. In the end I decided to walk with her, as I didn't want to separate while she had no cell service (my Google Fi plan was serving us well in Europe). I later regretted that decision, as I was a sweaty and uncomfortable mess by the time we hustled our way to the restaurant, and did not make for good dinner company. Despite that, the gazpacho that we both ordered was off the chains (i.e., really good). Besides that Fran enjoyed the rest of the food more than I did. On the way back to the apartment (by metro, this time), we stopped by a Venchi for some gelato dessert.


My favorite pictures from the full trip are here.

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