Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eurotrip 2011 - Day 3 (6/19/2011) - Amsterdam to Wetter

I woke up and showered in time to get a bit of breakfast at the hostel, but Galen was only able to grab some coffee - I didn't wake him up until after I had showered, and he took a shower before going down.  We eventually checked out at 11 then walked down to Centraal Station to activate our Eurail flexible pass. After this we waited around for our 12:34 train.  Galen and I slept for much of the first leg (though we were briefly interrupted by a couple of guys whose reserved seats we were taking - they showed us how to tell which seats were reserved).

We had two train transfers before arriving in Wetter, Steffi's parents' town. Steffi's friend Katrin picked us up from the train station because Stetffi already had guests over to celebrate her homecoming.  Katrin took us to the Ludwig house, where we met Steffi's parents, her sister Carina, Carina's husband Sascha, and their two kids Hannah and Clara.  We also met some of their extended family, family friends, and Steffi's close friends.  Her mom had made lots of cakes and treats, and there were drinks aplenty.

The rest of the day was spent being fed and entertained by the Ludwigs, even after all the guests had left.  We had erpsen supper (pea soup) with bockwurst (pork sausages that looked like thin hot dogs) for dinner, some chocolate for dessert, and some cheese and bread even after that.  All the while they kept the beer, wine, and other drinks (soda and water for me) flowing.  We talked until after 1 in the morning, at which time we had already lost Sascha and then later Carina.  Steffi, Galen, and I then took the dogs for a walk through some picturesque (though dark) fields before heading back and then turning in for the night.  Galen and I shared a bed in the basement guestroom, and I had the most peaceful night of sleep on trip so far.

Some pictures from the whole trip:

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