Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eurotrip 2011 - Day 4 (6/20/2011) - Ruhrgebiet

We slept fairly late into the morning, getting up around 10:30 for breakfast.  After enjoying the copious spread that Steffi's mom provided, we got dressed and headed out with Steffi.  She first drove us to the Ruhr Museum in Essen.  The museum is dedicated to the Ruhrgebiet area, which includes Düsseldorf, Essen, Dortmund, and Gelsenkirchen, among others. The museum is situated in an old coal mine. The significance of this is that the Ruhrgebiet used to be a an important industrial and production region of Germany. With the decline of the coal industry, they have moved to other scientific and technological endeavors, and the Ruhrgebiet still remains a big industrial region.

Next we went to a ropes course (Tree 2 Tree) in Oberhausen.  This was my first time doing a ropes course, so (Steffi and) I stuck to the relatively easy parkours.  Galen, however, did one of the super-challenging parkours.  After that we stopped by Veltins Arena, where FC Shalke plays (but it was all closed off), on the way to Profi Grill (in Wattenscheid/Bochum).  Steffi claimed that this was one of the most famous fast-casual restaurants in Germany, but we were almost the only ones there (she later claimed that it sometimes is packed).  In any case, I had the currywurst with fries, and it was pretty good.  By the time we were finished eating, we were getting a bit tired, so we headed back to the house, where we chilled for a while.

Some pictures from the whole trip:

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