Saturday, May 27, 2017

Seattle -> StL - Day 6 (3/5/2017) - Exploring LA

Considering that this entry is about 2.5 months late, this won't be my best travelogue.  I did a decent job of writing during the first 3 days of the trip, but then I completely neglected the travelogue (except for some notes) until now.  So this nonsense is all you get...


I departed the hotel at 10:45am, with Watts Towers as my first destination.  After that I headed downtown to check out Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Unfortunately, there were no remaining tours that day due to an afternoon performance.  I considered going to The Broad next door, but the general admission line (which is free) was way too long.

I headed up to the Griffith Observatory as a light rain began to fall.  By the time I dealt with the insane parking situation and made my way up to the observatory the rain had picked up.  I took shelter inside along with all the other visitors, and then explored a bit outside after the bulk of the rain had passed.

Afterward I had a very late lunch at Thai Vegan in Santa Monica, then went for a walk along Venice Beach.  When I returned to my car I found that I had received a parking ticket for expired license plate registration - something I had completely forgotten about while I was in Seattle (it later turned out that the state had never sent me a renewal notice).



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