Saturday, May 27, 2017

Seattle -> StL - Day 7 (3/6/2017) - Joshua Trees

Considering that this entry is about 2.5 months late, this won't be my best travelogue.  I did a decent job of writing during the first 3 days of the trip, but then I completely neglected the travelogue (except for some notes) until now.  So this nonsense is all you get...


I checked out of the Best Western at 8:30am and headed to Palm Springs.  There I took the 11am ride up the Palm Springs Arial Tramway after a thankfully very short wait.  After that I filled up the gas tank and grabbed lunch at Del Taco before heading into Joshua Tree National Park.

My first two stops in the park were Cholla Cactus Garden and Arch Rock.  As I began running short on time, I made quick stops at Skull Rock and the Hall of Horrors before heading to Keys View to take in the spectacular view.

Due to poor planning, I then had a night drive to Longstreet Inn & Casino on the Nevada side of Death Valley.  I was surprised to find a few patches of T-Mobile LTE coverage along the way.  I had an unfortunate incident where I ran over what looked like a rabbit, which briefly shook me up.  I arrived at the establishment just before the restaurant kitchen closed at 10pm, and was able to grab a quick takeaway order to eat in my room.



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