Sunday, August 19, 2018

Eurotrip 2018 - Day 3 (8/7/2018) - Snæfellsnes Penninsula

The plan for the day was basically to drive counterclockwise around the Snæfellsnes Penninsula while stopping at various landmarks that Fran had picked out.  We would then spend the night at Reykjavik Lights Hotel (where we had stayed the previous night) again.  It was windy and cold (in the 50s (F)) all day, with a bit of light rain in the morning but only cloudy the remainder of the day.  We left the guest house around 10am then swung by Stykkishólmskirkja church before stopping at a bakery for breakfast on the way out of town.

We headed west along Route 54, then continued on 574, looping back to 54 on the south side of the peninsula.  Along the way we stopped at (or drove through)...
  • Kirkjufell / Kirkjufellsfoss - a picturesque mountain next to a tourist-friendly waterfall
  • Þjóðgarðurinn Snæfellsjökull - Snæfellsjökull National Park
  • Saxhólar Crater - a crater with some steel steps installed to guide you to the top; Fran drove for the segment to get us there
  • Djúpalónssandur beach - a black pebble beach with some great rocky views
  • Londrangar - a coastal rock formation with two large basalt towers; we took a long walk between the adjacent parking lots here
  • Ytri Tunga - a beach where a colony of seals resides
  • Gerðuberg Cliffs - cliffs composed of basalt columns

After all that we continued south along Route 54 toward Route 1, which we took through the Hvalfjörður Tunnel (which required a 1000 ISK toll (about 10 USD)) to Reykjavík.  There was also a stop for gas somewhere in there.  We made our way to the hotel (without using GPS this time) around 7:45pm.  After some indecisiveness, we had dinner at the pizza place next door to the hotel called Eldsmiðjan - it was not very good.  We then returned to the room to prepare for a very early morning the following day.



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