Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Eurotrip 2018 - Day 7 (8/11/2018) - More Bruges, then home

For the second straight morning Fran worked out while I continued sleeping.  After freshening up we had breakfast at the hotel (we lucked out with a good hotel breakfast for the third time) and then check out right at the latest time of 11am.  We once again left our big bags in the luggage room and went on a walkabout.  This time we headed clockwise along the outer canal, past Ezelpoort, and then turned back down Vlamingdam St toward the city center.  At Fran's insistence we stopped at a canal bridge to play Pooh Stick, but when she went to pluck some twigs for the game she accidentally dropped her water bottle into the canal!  Things didn't get better for her, as I ended up winning the game despite having to drop twice.  We then found Chocolatier Dumon so that Fran could get gifts for her family and friends.

We made it back to the hotel before 2pm, collected our luggage, and then walked to the train station to catch the 2:31 to Brussels Airport.  The ride took about 1.5 hours, putting us there over 2 hours early for our 6:20pm flight to Keflavík.  We were initially seated in consecutive rows for the first flight when we checked in, but we were switched to the exit row again when we requested to be seated together while dropping off our bags.  With immigration and customs, we didn't really have any downtime during our hour and 25 minute layover in Iceland before boarding the 9:10pm flight to JFK.  The second flight arrived in NYC a little early - around 11pm.  After going through immigration and customs, we picked up our luggage and then said goodbye at the AirTrain.


Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bf8ATN4xQRNDSGCu6

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  1. I may have left some of my spirit in the Bruges canal...but the incredible moments of our trip will be with me forever.


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