Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New England Road Trip 2018 - Day 5 (10/3/2018) - To Bar Harbor

We missed breakfast at the hotel because we thought (and were told the day before) that it was open until 10am.  But when we showed up to the breakfast room around 9:15am almost everything was put away, and the clerk later told us that it's only open until 9am on weekdays.  So we set off for Maine without eating breakfast.

My Google Maps was still set to avoid tolls, so it took me off I-95 soon after crossing the border, as it was turning into the Maine Turnpike.  I put up with the alternate route on US-1 for about half an hour before switching back to the faster route (I-95 to I-295 to I-95 to I-395 to US-1A to ME-3) in order to save an hour of travel time.  We made it to the Days Inn Bar Harbor around 2:15pm and then checked into our room.

We went back out at 3:30pm to check out Cadillac Mountain.  We didn't drive all the way to the top because a fog was clouding the view there, but did get a chance to see a couple of spectacular views at points fairly high up.  We next drove down and into Bar Harbor in search of some dinner.  We parked and found a restaurant, Geddy's, where my mom could get a lobster dinner with clam chowder (she wasn't impressed with the lobster, but liked the soup) and also had reasonable vegetarian options; I got the margherita pizza, along with a slice of blueberry pie (appaarently Maine's state dessert) a la mode.  After dinner we drove back to the hotel, via the detour because ME-3 was partially closed and one-way for a 2-mile stretch surrounding the hotel.


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