Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New England Road Trip 2018 - Day 9 (10/7/2018) - Back to NYC

We hit the road at 9:30am, heading south on I-91 and making a very brief detour into New Haven to randomly drive around the Yale campus.  After a few minutes of that, we hopped on I-95 and headed toward NYC.  Traffic (surprisingly) wasn't bad until we got into the Bronx; this was after I made the mistake of staying on I-95 after the turn-off for I-278.  We doubled back on I-87 and took the 3rd Avenue Bridge into Manhattan.  We headed south on Park then 5th Avenue, only to find 5th Avenue closed at 57th Street - the plan was simply to drive down 5th Avenue.  I then went in search of parking, then took my mom into the Bloomberg HQ building and then my office building.  After that we drove into Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge to pay a visit to Fran (and her mother) at her new apartment.  After that we took the BQE back to Queens, dropped off our stuff in my apartment, and then I returned the rental car (with 1500+ miles from the trip) around 5:30pm.


Pictures here:

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