Sunday, August 16, 2009

South America 2009 - Day 9 (8/15/2009) - Buenos Aires

I met a couple of girls from KU (Kelly and Tara) in Lawrence at breakfast, and we decided to hang out for the day. Greg, Peter (who was not leaving for Iguazú until later that evening, but had been kicked out of the room earlier in the morning because the person taking his spot had already arrived), Kelly, Tara, and I took the bus to La Boca, where we shopped in a street market, stopped by La Bombonera (the Boca Juniors stadium), and then had some lunch at one of the restaurants by the markets (I had 4 types of empanadas - all good). While walking down the market streets we were hounded by people trying to get us to eat at their restaurants. I was especially hounded, as they thought it was fun to refer to me as Bob Marley. I tried to remain in good spirits about it, though it became a little annoying after a while.

Peter left us a little early in order to catch his bus. The rest of us ended up taking the bus back to Plaza de Mayo and then walking to Puerto Madero. After walking along the waterfront for a bit, we walked back to the hostel. Along the way, we stopped at a gelateria, but I was the only one who ended up getting any gelato. After getting back to the hostel, the girls prettied themselves up for a pub crawl that started at another hostel. I joined them at the hostel for a drink, while Greg stayed back at the hostel, but did not go on the crawl. I walked back to the hostel alone (about 20 minutes), but did not feel as though I was in any danger. I was back around 11:45, and then called it a night.

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