Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 10 (6/3) - To Salt Lake City

We woke up at 6:00 and were ready to leave by 6:30, having showered the night before.  Unfortunately, the hostel's office did not open until 7:00 so we couldn't check out until then. After we were finally able to do this, we took off east on CA 140.  Inside Yosemite we switched to CA 120, taking that all the way through the park and out the east side.  We eventually switched to US 6 east, around which time I took over driving.  The road also switched from winding through mountains to long straight stretches through the desert.  We took US 6 across Nevada to US 93/93A north, and took that to I-80 east, which brought us into Salt Lake City.

We arrived at the Howard Johnson Express around 7:00 and proceeded to check in.  We walked over to the Gateway Mall, but still had time before the Foals concert (there were 2 opening bands, after all), so we walked to the food court to have our first decent meal of the day.  At around 8:45 we walked over to The Depot to see the show.  It ended around 11:30, at which point we walked back to the hotel.

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