Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 11 (6/4) - Salt Lake City

We got a late start this morning, both having not slept well the last night at the hostel.  I ate some complementary breakfast at the hotel, and then we got going around 10:00.  We first walked to a nearby post office so Judy could mail some stuff back to herself - a pretty smart idea, as her bags had been full to start the trip, and she had acquired more items on the way.  After that we walked over to Temple Square and basked in the glory of the Church of Jesus Christ (of Latter Day Saints).  Of course, we mere mortals (read: non LDS members) were not allowed to enter the Salt Lake Temple itself.

Next, Judy had the brilliant idea to check out Antelope Island, as she wanted a good view of the Great Salt Lake.  We made the hour drive after walking back to the hotel, arriving at the island via the causeway a little after noon.  We spent about 3 hours on the island, including a short 0.4 mile hike to the top of the Buffalo Point overlook and a drive along the eastern side of the island, where we encountered a large group of bison chillin' next to the road.

After the island, we drove to Cracker Barrel to return the two audiobooks that Judy had rented back in Arizona and have a late lunch / early dinner.  We then drove back to the hotel, and then walked over to the movie theater at The Gateway mall to catch the 5:30 showing of After Earth (which I gave 2 Netflix stars).  Next was a stop at the hotel, where I relaxed while Judy went for a run.

After she returned and cleaned up, we headed out to grab some dessert.  The first yogurt place we tried to go to didn't really exist (Google Maps fail, I guess), and the second looked to also be nonexistent, but we didn't really get a chance to verify this before it was supposed to close at 10 - we encountered a barefoot couple having a domestic dispute...but out in public.  The woman was repeatedly yelling for the man to leave her alone, but he continued to follow her.  She also yelled for help a few times, but did not call 911 with the cell phone in her hand.  After observing this for a few minutes, I decided to phone it in.  We waited 10-15 minutes to see if a police officer would show up, but the 2 cop cars we saw drive by did not stop.  We gave up on the cops and yogurt, and decided to walk back to The Gateway to see if something was open there.  As we reached the other end of the street, a police officer pulled up and we flagged him down.  He was responding to 2 calls (one being ours, I guess) regarding the incident and we told him where we last saw the couple.  He didn't seem too concerned, and it wasn't until he asked if they were "transient types" that I understood why (SLC has a surprising amount of homeless people for being such a clean city, though nowhere near as many as San Diego).  In any case, we continued on to The Gateway, where Applebee's was still open.  We both has the fudge cake a la mode dessert before walking back to the hotel.

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