Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 12 (6/5) - West Yellowstone

We could afford another late start this morning, as Judy's flight to Denver (the StL) wasn't due to depart until 11:35 (and was delayed).  After Judy went for another run and I grabbed a complementary bagel, we checked out at 9:30 and drove to the airport.  I dropped Judy off and said goodbye, then headed for West Yellowstone alone.  The drive up I-15 and US 20 took a bit over 5 hours, and I checked into the Stagecoach Inn before 4:00, after stopping at the supermarket next door for supplies.  I then walked down the street and found a Chinese restaurant to have an early dinner.  I walked back to the car and drove for the nearby west entrance into Yellowstone National Park by 5:00.

After entering the park, I headed for the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, making a few scenic stops along the way.  I made stops at a few of the viewpoints along the north and south rims of the canyon, including Grandview Point, Lookout Point, and Artist Point.  I would have liked to take a roundabout route via the north loop to return to the west entrance, but I wanted to return to the hotel before dark so I basically retraced my steps through the middle of the park.  My return was delayed a couple of times by bison on the roadway, including one incident directly in front of me, but I made it back to the hotel shortly after 9.

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