Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 5 (5/29) - To San Diego

Judy was behind the wheel for the drive to San Diego today.  Our chosen route, for scenic purposes, took us south on AZ 64, west on I-40, south on US 95, west on I-10, west on CA 78 (through the Imperial Sand Dunes), south on CA 111, then west on I-8.

Upon arriving in town, we headed to the W San Diego hotel (a quite modern and stylish place) to check in.  We eschewed their $35 per day valet parking for a nearby lot that charged $15 per day, but I will credit the friendly valets for pointing out the other options for us.  After parking the car, we walked over to a hip pizza joint called Basic to have dinner.  We were able to leave our leftover pizza at the restaurant while we walked to nearby Petco Park to catch the Padres vs Mariners game from the fourth inning.  We left the game when it was still tied after the 9th, but we were able to hear the crowd celebrate the Padres' victory in the bottom of the 10th as we approached Basic.  We picked up our pizza, then continued on toward the hotel.  Galen decided to stop at the Knotty Barrel to try some of their many beers, and later check out some street art, while Judy and I headed back to the hotel.

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