Sunday, September 18, 2016

Alaska 2016 - Day 13 (9/1/2016) - To Anchorage

We got to sleep in a little bit this morning, as luggage pick-up wasn’t until 9 AM.  The bus to the Talkeetna train depot left at 12:30, and the train to Anchorage departed around 1:55.  The train ride to Anchorage took about 3 hours.  The passenger seats were on the top deck of double-decker cars with panoramic windows and ceilings; the bottom deck housed the dining area, bathrooms, and kitchen.  Happenings on board included a decent veggie melt for lunch in the dining area, a moose sighting (by my tablemates Charlene and Phil, which led to a free brownie-a-la-mode dessert which they shared with me), a swing by Sarah Palin’s childhood home in Wasilla, and a transit through Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (where I saw a C-17 on a runway, but no F-22s).  After arriving at the Anchorage depot, we were transferred by coach to the Hotel Captain Cook.  I was surprised to have a room on the 18th floor  – it had been a while since I had seen a building that tall (there were 20 floors in the hotel), and wasn’t sure that any existed in Alaska.

After settling into the room for a bit, I went down and booked a spot on the 7:15 trolley tour of Anchorage.  When I walked over to catch the tour, I wasn’t too surprised to find a few other people from my Princess tour also onboard.  The trolley tour took us far beyond downtown to more areas of Anchorage than I expected – including West Anchorage High School, Earthquake Park, and the airport.  After the tour a few of the Princess people (Bob, Kathy?, Gary, Glenda?) walked over to the 49th State brewpub to grab dinner.  We were met there by a couple of Bob's friends from Florida who were completing a work camp in Alaska.  We finished up and walked back to the hotel sometime around 10:30.


My favorite photos from the trip can be found here:

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