Sunday, September 18, 2016

Alaska 2016 - Day 5 (8/24/2016) - Skagway

I slept in this morning and skipped breakfast entirely.  I made it to the Horizon Court Buffet right about as lunch service began around 11:30.  The vegetarian options were actually a little lacking at the buffet today, but that was probably not a bad thing for my waistline; I still got enough to eat.  After lunch I went ashore to try to make the 12:40 departure of the White Pass Scenic Railway.  I ran into Christine, Eric, and Stacy just as I was preparing to board the train, and Christine warned me that the views were not great because of the clouds and fog (they had just done a train ride).  I decided to cancel my booking and instead joined them for a trip into Skagway.

We took a “Smart Bus” the mile or so to the far end of the downtown area, where the brew house was.  We braved the half hour wait and then had lunch there – or at least the others had lunch, as I had recently eaten.  We then slowly made our way back to the pier, stopping at many of the shops.  At some point Eric and Stacy left to head back to the boat to pick up something to mail at the post office.  Christine and I browsed through more shops that caught her eye, and also made a stop for ice cream, and another for mini donuts.  We made it back to the ship around 5 PM.

I met back up with Christine later in the evening to watch the movie "Money Monster" in the Princess Theater – I knew nothing about it beforehand besides that it starred George Clooney and Julia Roberts, but it turned out to be pretty decent.  Afterward, we had a late dinner at the buffet.


My favorite photos from the trip can be found here:

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