Sunday, September 18, 2016

Alaska 2016 - Day 7 (8/26/2016) - College Fjord

It was a lazy morning, with nothing on the docket for me until a backstage production tour of the Princess Theater at 11:15.  After that I grabbed lunch, then sat around for a while.  As we approached College Fjord in the early evening I went topside to observe the scenery and take pictures.  I got cold after being out there for a couple of hours, so I took a quick break to go pack up my suitcase and leave it out to be transferred.  I made it back outside right as we were passing Bryn Mawr Glacier.  I ran into Christine, Eric, Stacy, Ryan, and Nell, and hung with them while the ship made its way to Harvard Glacier and did a couple of twirls.  As the ship reversed course the Zemke crew invited me to dinner once again, as their 7:30 seating was fast approaching – I was happy to accept.  Mama Zemke (unfortunately, I don't recall her name) was well enough to join this time, so we had a full table of 8 (they added 1 for me).  After dinner the young’ns  and I walked over to the Explorers Lounge to see if Ryan and Nell would win anything in the drink package raffle – they didn’t.  After that I bid them farewell and retired to my room to get some sleep before an early morning.


My favorite photos from the trip can be found here:

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